Wednesday, February 9, 2011

agape love.


In English we have one basic word for love.

We use it for everything, at least I know I do...see the following:

"I love pizza."

" l love that necklace."

" I love summer."

" I love my husband"

Here are 3 different types of love:Eros love:" strong romantic feelings"
Philos love:" a love based on friendship between two people"
Agape love:

"unconditional love that is always giving and impossible to take or be a taker. It devotes total commitment to seek your highest best no matter how anyone may respond. This form of love is totally selfless and does not change whether the love given is returned or not. This is the original and only true form of love."

So remember this Valentine's day, the day of love, that no one loves you more, or better than God.

..."God is love."
1 John 4:8


Madison Michele said...

I just found your blog! I think it is so cute. I loved your post about love and the different meanings!!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

This is so true. I am so loved :)

Jenni Price Illustration said...

Short and powerful devotional today. I enjoyed it! Thanks for answering my questions. You mentioned that you work on your creations with your kids around you and I wondered if you also feel that you need some daily quiet time for your art or does it not really matter? I'm just curious. My kids had a snow day today from school and I tried (with failure I might add) to get a little quiet art time in but it didn't happen. I did at least get to read my Bible in quiet so that was good.