Monday, January 17, 2011

they say it's your birthday

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl!

I know most people don't care if they have a son or a daughter when they first find out they are having a baby. But, I have to be honest, I so desperately wanted a little girl first.

I remember the exact moment we found out you were a girl, the theme song to Dirty Dancing was playing in the background...we we were in a tiny room with a curtain for a door...the tech immediately saw GIRL! I was overjoyed!

I can't believe that 4 years ago you were born! It was a snowy January night, you kicked me so hard that my water broke. We were off to the hospital, dad forgot his we had to go turn around and go back home for them. A few short hours later you were here.

What a blessing you have been in our lives.

A few little know facts about this daughter of mine:

Elisabeth ~ means: God's promise

nicknames : Roo, Elisabette, Elisabetta, Elisabethie.
never Liz, or Lizzie

1.) She loves the color blue.
2.) Ry-Ry is her best buddy.
3.) She loves the movies.
4.) She is a fan of gum,and lover of all candy.
5.) She loves Ariel, but more so...she really loves Prince Eric
6.)She is kind.
7.)She is a SiLLy HeaRt.
8.) She is a wonderful sister and is so kind to her brother. {lets hope that last}
9.) I wonder if she is part canary, because she is always singing.
10.) She loves Bunny Bunny.
11.) She is a book nut.
12.) She loves to snuggle...with Daddy late at night.

As I sit here and type this you are asleep with your head in my lap
So I guess I just wanted to say

Goodnight, Elisabeth.


kayla rotola said...

that girl of yours is so precious. i hope you guys have a wonderful day celebrating her sweet life!

Jenni Price Illustration said...

Your sweet words about your daughter made me all teary eyed. Mommy-hood is so wonderful! Here's to wishing your very precious Elisabeth a very Happy Birthday!