holiday specs.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Is Thanksgiving over with yet!!????


not really. #sorry #notsorry

I love Christmas just about as much as Buddy the Elf. I am trying my best to hold off on until at least the week of turkey day...but lets be honest our house won't make it until then to pull out the tinsel. 

I have recently teamed up with Tomoson, and was offered a chance to review Holiday Specs

I signed up to review Holiday Specs...because well...I love all things Christmas!!! (see Buddy the Elf reference) 

I was a little unsure of how they worked, until they showed up in the mail.


Basically, you pick your glasses based on the shape you would like to view. They offer Santa, snowman, reindeer, snowflakes, and more. Place the glasses on, and check out your twinkle lights. EVERY twinkle light turns into the shape. I tried out the reindeer and every colored light was suddenly  a reindeer jumping out at me. It was super fun! The reindeer were very clear! 

I tried my best to capture the reindeer in the photo, but my phone wouldn't focus on the image. Again, the shapes were really clear...nothing blurry...very crisp images. 

The specs are available in hard plastic ($8) and paper ($4) and are even offered in a party set ($20) ... If you are looking for something long lasting I would go with the hard $8 a piece. The hard plastic was sturdy and would get many years use out of one pair. The paper glasses were half the price, however in my house (with four children) they might last two years tops. 

These glasses would be so fun at a Christmas party, or holiday event. 

My kids are going to love checking out all the shapes.

I going to tuck these away and have the show up with Marley the Elf...if I can manage to wait the long...I'm kind of excited to show them these Holiday Specs. 

Would you ever buy a product like this?

p.s. these glasses were given to me free of charge in exchange for an honest blog post. All opinions are honest and my own.