the olive tree: Pants.

Monday, June 11, 2018


These are the most comfortable yoga pants I’ve ever owned.ever. The material is super soft, very comfortable, I could wear these all day long! 

The “mess” material isn’t completely see mess over a sheer if you’re modest this isn’t going to show any skin.

I love the color + the lightweight material.

Tall girls...rejoice because these actually go to my ankles. I have such a hard time finding yoga style pants that are my size but are also long enough to go to my ankles. These are the perfect length! I’m 5’9 and these fit. 

Drawstring + hidden pocket...yes please. The drawstring is perfect for getting these pant to exactly where you need them! The hidden pocket actually holds my phone (iPhone 7) and you could fit cash, a card, maybe some gloss? 

Get yours here:  #freeproduct

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