the olive tree: Baby + necklace.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Baby + necklace.

This is my baby. While technically she isn’t really a baby...she still uses her teeth like one! For reals. When is she going to grow out of the phase?? She’s constantly still putting things in her mouth. I bought this darling teething necklace to try out on her. 

She loves it! No joke. She wears it. I wear it. She’s chewing + biting + the biting towards other family members has decreases after the purchase of this necklace.

I received this product for free in exchange for social media post.
Regardless of it being a teething necklace...I would actually wear this! It’s so very stylish. The the beads are space so that it looks sparkling in the light. 

This necklace is sturdy, affordable, and would make the perfect baby gift! I liked this so much I purchased one for an upcoming baby gift! 

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